MLO Classic Gainer is a one-of-a-kind bulking formula thatsimulates the development of impressive body size and boosts robust musclegrowth. Formulated with substantial amounts of proteins and calories, thisoptimally concentrated supplement is the ideal solution for all activelytraining individuals who have problems gaining weight and keeping their musclemass on point.  

MLO Classic Gainer fits perfectly in every high-calorieregiment since its rich content facilitates the daily consumption of largeportions of proteins, carbohydrates and calories, which our body craves tobuild a massive and muscular frame. The product is also recommended for heavylifters who need to increase their energy levels in order to achieve the bestpossible training results.

The regular intake of MLO Classic Gainer loads the muscleswith precious resources to accumulate power, strength and mass. At the sametime, it supports the natural anabolic processes and speeds up recovery.Convenient and easy to mix anywhere, this potent gainer could be consumed aftera workout or instead of a snack during the day for quick recharging withproteins and carbohydrates.

MLO Classic Gainer is available in four delicious flavours:

- Chocolate

- Strawberry

- Vanilla

- Cookies & Cream

Whey Protein Concentrate, Skimmed Milk Powder, Dextrose, Maltodextrin, Fructose, Flavourings, Xanthan Gum

Add two scoops (100 g) to 250-300 ml of cold water or milk,and mix or blend well. As a food supplement, consume 1-3 servings daily.  Do not exceed the recommended usage of 300 g(3 servings) daily!

Warnings: Not intended for use by persons under age 18. Donot use if pregnant or nursing. Food supplements do not replace a balanced dietand healthy lifestyle. Consult your physician before use. Not recommended foruse by those taking medication. Keep away from direct heat, sunlight andmoisture. Keep out of reach of children!

Allergen Information: Contains milk! Made in a GMP facility that manages milk, soy, egg and nuts!

Build Muscle

Stimulates muscle growth. Builds muscle at an optimal rate to gain muscle mass. Makes muscle fibers thicker, stronger, and powerful.

Champion Results

You`ll lift heavier, train harder, run faster, and endure longer. The better athlete you get, the more victories you earn.

More Energy

Explosive energy for mind-blowing pumps and first-class training sessions. These pre-workout formulas keep away muscular fatigue and enhance alertness and focus during intense physical activities. Feel the real energy boost that your body needs to build chiseled muscles.

Fast Recovery

Regenerates your muscles in no time and makes them better. Adds more endurance and power to your training capacity.

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