About MLO

MLO International LLC has in its portfolio decades of experience in the fields of professional supplementation, health and wellbeing, competition preparation, training, fitness, bodybuilding, weightlifting and strongman routines.Our research department works hand in hand with our team of athletes to develop formulas that combine both powerful ingredients and proven effect in the best form and in the right amounts. Our goal is to achieve champion results in every aspect of training, recovery and lean body mass.MLO supplement lines meet the latest requirements for quality control and our products match the strictest international standards for purity, concentration, proportions and origin of ingredients. Our certificates GMP, ISO 9001 and HACCP ensure that with our products you receive only what is on the label, with the highest possible quality.Health is not just a choice, but a commitment for MLO International, so all our efforts are focused on increasing strength, endurance, muscle proportions and shredding fat in a beneficial and safe way. With MLO International you`ll get not just hype, but scientifically backed, effective products to improve your life and physical capacity!


Our L-Glutamine is proudly branded by the The Kyowa Quality ® (KQ) logo marks. With over 60 years as a global leader in the research, manufacturing and purification of high-quality ingredients, KYOWAQUALITY ® is more than a guarantee for efficacy and safety. It's a first-rate certificate that you get exactly what you are paying for.

Creapure® is the global premium brand for creatine monohydrate. Made in Germany, under uncompromising control standards and regular scientific updates, Creapure® and its logo on the packaging certify that our products contain only the purest, high-quality ingredient of trusted origin.

Cryobiotica™ is a biotech company, focused on research and development of new highly potent probiotic bacteria. By employing cutting edge scientific approaches, Cryobiotica™ team aims at the selection of strains that possess strong probiotic characteristics. Cryobiotica™ raw materials are produced at state of the art facilities, using innovative technologies for strain cultivation and freeze drying, which deliver billions of beneficial bacteria capable of surviving the harsh environment of human gastro-intestinal tract and exerting health benefits.