Despite being all over the map in challenging Strongman competitions and events, this weekend in Lichtenvoorde Matjaz Belsak proved that practice can only make you better. With his sound physical condition and distinctive champion drive, Belsak finished first in MLO Strongman Champions League Holland 2017 by total score of 60.5 points

One of the best Polish power athletes - Grzegorz Shymanski took the silver medal with 57 point, whereas the bronze happily stayed home, thanks to Alex Moonen, who as usually didn't fail to show his charismatic persona during the numerous friendly and encouraging chats he had with the public and the other contestants.

Dennis Kohlruss and Graham Hicks also made it to the Top 5, both displaying the enormous potential they possess, especially in the hold disciplines. Eric Dawson from USA was as well in very good shape and started the competition with serious ambitions for the trophy, but then he faced some difficulties in crucial moments of the event and ended in 7th place.




  1. Matjaz Belsak (Slovenia) - 60.5 pts
  2. Grzegorz Shymanski (Poland) - 57 pts
  3. Alex Moonen (Holland) - 55 pts
  4. Dennis Kohlruss (Germany) - 53 pts
  5. Graham Hicks (England) - 52.5 pts
  6. Aivars Smaukstelis (Latvia) - 52 pts
  7. Eric Dawson (USA) - 46 pts
  8. Enzo Tauro (Holland) - 40 pts
  9. Mika Torro (Finland) - 36 pts
  10. Sean O'Hagan (Ireland) - 35pts