Watching Matjaz Belsak's winning quest throughout the year, it was very difficult to image how he could be stopped on his way to the ultimate championship title in 2017. Fierce hard worker, always striving for improvement and further progress, this Slovenian power athlete arrived to the World Finals in Mexico with one single purpose. The rest is history.

Belsak dominated in almost every discipline in the event, except "Car Deadlift" (won by J.F Caron with 10 repetitions), "Front Hold" (first place for Luke Herrick) and "One-Arm Kettlebell Throw" (where Dennis Kohlruss registered 5.10m with 26kg weight). Matjaz was absolutely unbelievable in the dumbbell discipline and as a result he set a new world record – 14 repetition for 60 seconds with 95kg weight. In addition Belsak was ahead of everyone in "Carry and Drag", "Bus Pull" and "The Medley".

The champion for 2016 Dainis Zageris tried to catch up with the tempo, but in the end he finished the competition 3th with 71.5 pts. After he almost made it to the Top 3 podium last year, in 2017's World Finals the mighty J.R Caron from Canada at last took his well-deserved silved medal.

MLO would like to express deep gratitude to our partners from Strongman Champions League and to all the strongman athletes, involved in season 2017. It's been a pleasure and privilege to work with such professionalists and genuinely great guys as you!




  1. Matjaz Belsak, Slovenia - 83.5 pts
  2. Jean-Francois Caron, Canada - 76.5 pts
  3. Dainis Zageris, Latvia - 71.5 pts
  4. Alex Moonen, Holland - 62 pts
  5. Dennis Kohlruss, Germany - 58.5 pts
  6. Aivars Smaukstelis, Latvia - 57.5 pts
  7. Krzysztof Radzikowski, Poland - 54 pts
  8. Luke Herrick, USA - 49.5 pts
  9. Sean O'Hagan, Ireland - 42.5 pts
  10. Will Baggott, England - 33.5 pts
  11. О. Chavez, Mexico - 20.5 pts
  12. Juan Ballesteros, Mexico - 13.5 pts


photo credits: Strongman Champions League México