It seems like Krzysztof Radzikowski from Poland quite like the feeling of being World’s Strongest Viking. After his victory in the 2018's edition of this competition, once again Radzikowski showed how well he can manage his athletic powers in Norway.

The cold weather as always was warmed by the amazing local public and hundred fans witnessed how Krzysztof was nailing his lead in some of the hardest disciplines out there. Norway itself was more that well represented in the face of Ole Marton Kristiansen who finished second with just 0.5 points ahead of his nordic fellow strongman - Mika Torro.

FINAL RESULTS MLO Strongman Champions League World’s Strongest Viking 2019, Norway:
1. Krzysztof Radzikowski (POL) - 57. 5 pts;
2. Ole Marton Kristiansen (NOR) - 53.5 pts;
3. Mika Torro (FIN) - 53 pts;
4. Dainis Zageris (LAT) - 52 pts;
5. Sean O’Hagan (IRE) - 51. 5 pts;
6. Dennis Kohlruss (GER) - 51 pts;
7. Ryan England (UK) - 39 pts;
8. Lucian Herrick (USA) - 37 pts;
9. Stefan Sekej(NOR) - 31 pts; 10. Nill Saybe (HON) - 23.5 pts