MLO adds two brand new products to its fast-growing line

December 8, 2020
MLO adds two brand new products to its fast-growing line

Faced with various challenges, in 2020, our team managed to remain distracted from the gloomy mood and the stressful vibes mainly because of its preoccupation in the lab. In the last six months, we came up with not one but two brand-new products that nicely complement our existing Hardbody and Strong Series. As usual, they are the result of rigorous research, quality tests, and innovative upgrades. This time we really spend a good amount of hours perfecting the final formulas, as well as the taste, which, you have our word, turned out to be the bomb!

First, we introduced MLO 100% Whey Platinum Protein on the market - a must-have in every bodybuilding and fitness regime. It encourages protein synthesis, muscle building, massive strength development, top performance, and optimal recovery. MLO 100% Whey Platinum Protein also contains the perfect combo from all the macronutrients (carbs, fat, and protein) and hence is one of the best supplements to control hunger and support healthy weight loss.  Versatile and wide-ranging, the effects of the regular MLO 100% Whey Platinum Protein intake will help you see training progress much faster and easier.

Just a couple of weeks ago, MLO MASS Gainer became a reality. As part of our collaboration with Strongman Champions League, this ultimate weight gain formula is suited to fulfill the demanding needs of every professional athlete or fitness lover who craves a hulking frame and rapid mass growth. Packed with substantial amounts of muscle-building proteins, energizing carbohydrates, healthy probiotics, and essential fats, MLO Mass Gainer, is the ideal solution for people with a fast metabolism and hard gainers. Setting a new standard in gourmet flavoring, we’ve made our gainer extra yummy and divinely creamy with the aim that you can drink with no problem huge amounts of dense, functional calories.

We anticipate with enthusiasm our products to reach all of you - the final customers so that we can celebrate together the hope for better, stronger, and more fruitful 2021!