Back on top - Dainis Zageris wins in Curacao, silver and bronze for Kevin Faires and Luke Herrick

October 13, 2017
Back on top - Dainis Zageris wins in Curacao, silver and bronze for Kevin Faires and Luke Herrick

With only two months left till the grand final in MLO Strongman Champions League, you can bet that from now on every stage of these series will be more than crucial.

In the latest Curacao event, the title-holder in 2016 – Dainis Zageris, again showed beyond doubt how when it is not troubled by traumas, his body is unstoppable. True to the strategy he has been following in most of his victorious contests, Zageris won his crown discipline Car Deadlift, where he literally blew away his rivals, and in the other rounds managed to qualify between second and forth place. That's how "The Titan" overall final result pumped up to 53 points, making him the Strongman conquer of sunny Curacao.

A lot could be said also about Kevin Faires, who finished second. After his richly decorated career in 105 kg League, from 2017 Kevin is competing side by side with the leaders in SLC and he indeed gives them a really hard time. Positively, Fairis was the most pleasant surprise in Curacao and his performance on Mambo Beach will long be praised and talked about. Meanwhile, Kevin's fellow American Luke Herrick added to his records another well-deserved bronze medal, just like he did earlier this year in MLO SCL Norway.

Honorable mentions as well for Jimmy Paquet – winner in the discipline Front Hold and Tiago Aparecido from Brasil with his outstanding mastery in what turned out to be the ultimately spectacular event in Curacao – Team Rope Pull On Sand.

The next stage of MLO SCL is Jordan Worlchampionships Truckpull, on 20 October


  1. Dainis Zageris, Latvia - 53 pts
  2. Kevin Faires, USA - 47 pts
  3. Luke Herrick, USA - 45 pts
  4. Tiago Aparecido, Brasil - 42.5 pts
  5. Jimmy Paquet, Canada - 40.5 pts
  6. Alex Moonen, Holland - 40 pts
  7. Marcos Ferrari, Brasil - 35 pts
  8. Niko Vesterinen, Finland - 35 pts
  9. Enzo Tauro, Holland - 34.5 pts
  10. Sean O'Hagan, Ireland - 32 pts