In this year's edition of World’s Strongest Viking, Krzysztof Radzikowsi from Poland claimed the victory axe, leaving a little chance for real competition. Well-prepared and focused as an ancient worrior,  Radzikowsi donimated in almost every discipline of the event. And even though, both Dennis Kohlruss who took the silver and Lucian Herrick (bronze) were in amazing physical condition, in the end they just couldn't keep with Radzikowsi's champion tempo. 

1. Krzysztof Radzikowsi, Poland (68 pts)
2. Dennis Kohlruss, Germany (61.5 pts)
3. Lucian Herrick, USA (59 pts)
4. Aivars Smaukstelis, Latvia (56.5 pts)
5. Jon Olav Granil, Norway (48.5 pts)
6. Mika Torro, Finland (41.5 pts)
7. Stefan Solvi Petursson, Iceland (49.5 pts)
8. Christoffer Losen, Norway (39 pts)
9. Alex Moonen, Netherlands (37.5 pts)
10. Will Baggot, England (33 pts)